3 Reasons A General Contractor Should Always Arrange the Insurance in Dallas, TX.

A general contractor should always arrange insurance in Dallas, TX. The classes of insurance cover the contractor must maintain include Commercial General Liability, Workers Compensation, Automobile Liability Errors and omissions […] Read full post at: http://www.12mileswest.org/3-reasons-a-general-contractor-should-always-arrange-the-insurance-in-dallas-tx/


Why Choosing A Professional For Your Septic Tank Pumping Needs?

Septic tanks are designed for human waste. They are an alternative form of residential waste management. Especially when a person lives out in a rural or remote location that is not easily connected to sewer lines. Septic tanks are just a great alternative for waste material instead of relying on a sewer connection. Continue Reading: http://www.12mileswest.org/why-choosing-a-professional-for-your-septic-tank-pumping-needs/